Parrots on branch

Colonies of wild parrots live in SF...

Since the early twentieth century, Telegraph Hill has supported a flock of wild conures. Originally escaped pets, these birds have thrived in San Francisco, delighting natives with their bright plumage and cheerful dispositions.

Fruit salad

...we train them to repeat your message...

Our handlers attract the birds with a healthy mix of fruits, seeds, and nuts. While the birds eat, we train them by repeatedly playing your prerecorded marketing message.

Squawking parrot

... and they spread the word!

Our birds fly all over the city. They repeat your message as they go, training other parrots and spreading your brand's messaging to potential consumers.

Reach a unique market. Maximize your impact.

Telegraph Hill is one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in the country. Populated by a rich network of successful entrepreneurs, influencers, and angel investors, improving your marketing on Telegraph Hill is a great way to maximize the spread of your message.

Telegraph Hill

We're dedicated to spreading your message. So are our parrots.

We've assembled a crack team that can help you craft your perfect message and pass it on to our avian affiliates. Once our parrots have imprinted your message they'll pass it to other parrots who will also repeat it, virally spreading your brand across the city.

Parrots with bridge

Help us help you. Let's squawk together.

Ready to take the next step? We're still accepting applications for our first round of marketing partners.

Let's squawk!

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